Prophetic Word for 2017 - Peggy Cole Ministries

Prophetic Word for 2017

Every year, the Holy Spirit is gracious enough to provide a specific prophetic word for the upcoming year. This is the word for 2017 that the Holy Spirit downloaded to Peggy Cole!

This will be a year of victory (act of defeating opponent, success, triumph, conquest, overcoming the enemy or antagonist, achievement or mastery against all odds or enemy). The river of life shall flow to the lowest places. We will experience victory in the field, and in our lives. I saw a stream of water flowing from a mountain into a little valley, even into the crevices, and in between the rocks. Little green plants were beginning to spring forth from the little crevices – the hard places. Even in the difficult places in our lives – out of those difficulties – life will spring forth. God has not forgotten you.

He also let me know it is a year of advancement (promotion of person in rank or status, progress, a step up the ladder). The seed that has been planted in the past will grow this year. The Holy Spirit gave me Prov. 3:25, “Then shall you walk in your way safely and your foot shall not stumble. 24) When you lie down, you shall not be afraid, yes, you shall lie down and your sleep shall be sweet. 26) For the Lord shall be your confidence and shall keep your foot from being taken.”

The Lord spoke to me that he wants to heal America so we can bring healing to the nations. He is wanting to bring our nation into this place of peace and unity. I had a vision of a land like Switzerland. It was a land of beauty. I saw unspoiled mountains with amazing waterfalls. The nation of Switzerland does not engage in war. God wants to heal America and bring us into alignment and peace among ourselves like that nation.

The Lord said: “I have promised and I will do it. Even as I have spoken, I will bring it to pass. Worry not, neither fret. All that I promised will be performed. Take my word. Hold onto it! Proclaim it! I have power to change circumstances. I have power to change nations. I have all power. Do not delegate to the enemy what I am doing, for I am in charge.

Does not my word say: ‘A nation shall be born in a day?’ I can bring about change quickly. When Zion travails! She has travailed. The church has travailed. Continue to pray so when things begin to happen, there will be strength for the new to be born.

As the church arises into her authority under me, great changes will sweep across the nation. Many will come into my Kingdom from the Kingdom of darkness. My name will once again be lifted up in this country, even in the classrooms of America. Revival shall spread like wildfire. It will seem that people are just falling into the Kingdom of God. Continue to pray for revival, for it shall surely come.

I have put a longing in the hearts of people to know me and a hunger for the children of God to know me in a deeper way. I shall come close to my people, and they will hear my voice and another voice they will not follow. My people, my church are becoming more sensitive to me, and will discern my presence and be evermore obedient to my voice. They will move into the marketplace and reach out to so many who will come into my Kingdom.”

The Holy Spirit gave me Ezekiel 47:9: “And it shall come to pass that everything that lives, which moves, whithersoever the rivers shall come shall live, and there shall be a very great multitude of fish, because these waters shall come thither, for they shall be healed, and everything shall live whither the river comes.” You will look back on this year and be absolutely amazed at what the Lord has done.